Anders Hermansen

Industrial designer with a passion for conceptual transparency

Anders Hermansen is a designer from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, mastering industrial design and furniture architecture. He graduated in 1982 at the age of only 22. As a recent graduate, he began working for Danish design companies such as Louis Poulsen, Paustian and Bang & Olufsen. Significant for Hermansen is his unique handmade wire sketch furniture.

Take people as an example: You want to spend time with people who are original and have personality. It is the same with furniture.

– Anders Hermansen

Homage to the sea

IN HERMANSENS’ DESIGNS there are references to both the maritime world, but also to the simplicity and clean lines you often find in the Japanese décor. He strives to create and design functional furniture above all, but also furniture to engage with and furniture that can help sustain a pleasant atmosphere.

Concept of the JOINT

Hermansen relocates his small wooden cabin to a new and unexplored place for new input and ideas, and often he hikes in the woods to kick-start his design process. In 2012, Anders Hermansen designed the JOINT series of chairs and tables, complimenting each other in form and expression. In 2016, Hermansen designed POISE, a freestanding and adaptable unit that can function both as a shelving system and as a room divider. Several of Anders’ designs have been exhibited at Danish museums, such as Trapholt and the Design Museum Denmark.

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Anders Hermansen


Anders Hermansen