Morten Engelbrecht

Founder & Creative Director

SINCE A VERY EARLY AGE, Morten Engelbrecht has had a passion for furniture. He started behind the counter, but in 1989, he took the chance and opened Engelbrechts Furniture. At the very beginning, he sold a variety of high end products from around the world.

Getting it right, demands an enormous amount of hard work and persistence.

– Morten Engelbrecht

Expanding the business

AFTER A SUCCESFUL START, Engelbrecht expanded the business concept to include furniture developed by Engelbrechts A/S. This inspired him to convert Engelbrechts A/S from a Danish furniture retailer to an international furniture manufacturer selling furniture through an exclusive dealer network. He developed the company’s first product series in collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects (VLA). Encouraged to develop more products for the company, Engelbrecht began his next close collaboration, first with the designer Erik Magnussen and subsequently Jørgen Rasmussen and Anders Hermansen.

Introducing the APPETIT

With the APPETIT® table series, we see the first product where Engelbrecht independently formulates his own idea and designs, and completes the product himself. For Morten, there is never a quick fix or an easy solution. He always strives to meet the needs and requirements from customers, and that is one of the reasons why Engelbrechts A/S takes pride in being able to make customised products. Morten loves every little detail in the design process and finds inspiration by working in close collaboration with passionate designers.

Morten’s passion is not only for furniture, he shows the same love and enthusiasm when cooking, kayaking and biking. It is not rare to see Morten hosting a big dinner in the Copenhagen showroom – and he loves every part of it.

Morten Engelbrecht