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Sebastian Haynes


At Engelbrechts, we know the most important thing in life aren’t things. This is one of the reasons why we celebrate originality and the people behind. We help setting the scene, and with our passion for perfection, simplicity and versatility, we shape furniture of significance, hoping to complement the life of others. Through a series of portraits, we want to showcase true dedication and combine it with the originality of our furniture.

We have met some cool and passionate people, worked with them on stage and saw how they shine when they work hard and go beyond. We have captured that unique moment when dedication and passion blend together as an inspirational force.


Name: Sebastian Haynes
Profession: Corps de Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet

When Sebastian Haynes, Corps de Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet, was just a young man, he moved from his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Hard work and dedication is the recipe behind his success.

Being a professional dancer is a lifestyle. It can be tough, relentless and unmerciful, but those moments, when it all makes sense, makes it worth every minute.

Sebastian is ambitious and extremely dedicated and is often seeking new challenges, one of them being the interaction with Anders Hermansen’s JOINT chair. Sebastian has the self-confidence and right mind-set to do every move with precision and elegance – making it look like the easiest task in the world. Haynes and JOINT are both characterised by an aesthetic and uncomplicated expression.

We spent a day with Sebastian, worked with him on stage and met him at home to a chat about ballet, passion and dedication.

When did you start dancing?
I started dancing in second grade in primary school. I started with standard and hip-hop, but in fourth grade I started dancing ballet and moved to Copenhagen when I was about 14 years old to continue dancing at the Royal Danish Ballet. Being a professional ballet dancer has not always been a dream, but dance has always been a big part of my life, so it is no surprise.

Becoming a professional ballet dancer is not for everyone, when did you know you had what it takes?
That is a difficult question. Constant development and hard work are some of the key words. It is important to continuously work to reach new goals.

How do you maintain your high work ethic?
I think it is part of my life – being a professional dancer is a lifestyle. It can be tough, relentless and unmerciful, but those moments, when it all makes sense, makes it worth every minute.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in many things. Every day is a new day and you have the possibility to get to know yourself better. Hence inspiration comes from different things, it can be a colleague who puts things into a new perspective or even overhearing a conversation on the metro. Inspiration is everywhere.

What is your biggest passion in life?
Dance! I wouldn’t know what to do without dance. That is where I know myself. Dance is with us in both good and bad times and the passion becomes personal and keeps growing.