Chairs and tables for learning, schools and universities

Design swivel chairs with comfort

The KEVI chair is designed by architect Jørgen Rasmussen in 1958. In 1965, Jørgen Rasmussen invented the double-wheel caster. The double-wheel caster made KEVI more manoeuvrable and with an extraordinary sitting comfort, the swivel chair is perfect for schools and universities.

Chairs on straight rows

In 2016 a four-legged version of the original KEVI chair was born, and the series now include a stackable chair ideal for learning environments. KEVI 4-leg is light and easy to move, and the chairs can easily be lined up on straight rows with the linking device.

Chairs with writing tables

For the ideal learning environment, the CHAIRIK chair can be configured with a writing tablet to ensure comfortable working conditions in the educational setting. The writing tablets can easily be mounted and demounted on all standard models without any pre-preparation. Store the chairs and tablets on transport trolleys to secure the easy line up to save time and labour costs.

Chairs and tables for class rooms and exam set-ups

FOLDIT is an elegant and functional folding table designed by Erik Magnussen. The tables can be brought out or put away in a few seconds and is easy to store on a transport trolley with room for 10 tables. Together with the CHAIRIK chair the FOLDIT table is ideal for learning environments, class rooms as well as exam set-ups.

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