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KEVI x Mads Nørgaard


MADS NØRGAARD is dedicated to classic wearable design for both men and women. Nørgaard has a strong presence on the Danish fashion scene with flagship stores around Copenhagen.

JØRGEN RASMUSSEN has a passion for functional and minimalist design solutions with no frills and has a lifelong relationship with the office chair.

I’ve always been enthralled by the combination of functionality and design, a fascination that’s also on display in my own work. The KEVI chair has proved it is here to stay, and this durability is something we try to bring into our own designs as well. The only thing the KEVI chair needed was stripes.

– Mads Nørgaard

Engelbrechts and Danish fashion designer Mads Nørgaard have made a collaboration and dressed the iconic KEVI chair in classic Nørgaard striped fabric from Kvadrat.

At every desk in the Mads Nørgaard office in Copenhagen is a KEVI chair. That is the way it has been since Mads’ father, Jørgen Nørgaard, did his daily rounds at the office. KEVI designer Jørgen Rasmussen and Jørgen Nørgaard knew each other when they were young, thus the collaboration has a special meaning to them both.

The two designers adopt the same approach: the design should be durable, timeless and functional.

KEVI x Mads Nørgaard is available with aluminium wheels in a fully upholstered version and a plastic backed version.

From the very beginning, I thought it was a good idea, because my approach to KEVI is that it is durable design, just as with the striped t-shirts from Nørgaard; they never go out of fashion.

– Jørgen Rasmussen