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Mikael Santana


At Engelbrechts, we know the most important thing in life aren’t things. This is one of the reasons why we celebrate originality and the people behind. We help setting the scene, and with our passion for perfection, simplicity and versatility, we shape furniture of significance, hoping to complement the life of others. Through a series of portraits, we want to showcase true dedication and combine it with the originality of our furniture.

We have met some cool and passionate people, worked with them on stage and saw how they shine when they work hard and go beyond. We have captured that unique moment when dedication and passion blend together as an inspirational force.


Name: Mikael Santana
Profession: Professional dancer. 

Mikael Santana is one of the best break dancers in Denmark, and he loves that he can combine his passion with his job. He started dancing when he was just a kid. Through the years, his passion evolved, and today he is a professional dancer always working to refine his talent.

We met with Mikael to discuss his passion and what inspires him to keep up the hard work.

Don’t just work your whole life, but focus on the journey, with good friends, family and great experiences.

When did you start dancing?
I discovered break dance when I was 13 years old. I started mainly because I wanted to do something athletic and do something that was cool. I think it is typical for a teenager to think like that.

What is passion to you?
Passion comes from a lot of things. I see my dance as a passion, of course, but also my dance reflects my health, and is a way to understand the body, and how important it is to eat well and to exercise. If the body is healthy, the spirit is healthy.

What inspires you?
The main thing for me in dance is that people get excited. It is important to create this feeling. My grandmother is 95 years old, and she can still dance salsa. That is so inspiring. I want to be able to do some kind of dancing, when I am that old, because she looks so happy when she dances. I teach young kids to break dance, and watching them develop is also really inspiring.

What is the most important thing in your life?
The most important in my life is establishing some sort of inner peace. Because through life, we tend to stress a lot, people tend to think negatively about themselves, and not think they are good enough. But each individual moment is still very important and should be valued. The journey through life has to be cherished, and not just focus on the results. Don’t just work your whole life, but focus on the journey, with good friends, family and great experiences.


Mikael Santana