Limited Edition

Sometimes unexpected encounters happen out of the blue. A few of those times, it turns into an adventure where stuff start to happen. One of those encounters happened with menswear brand NN07  on a summer day in 2018. Now, a year later, the products that came off that encounter will debute in NN07 Concept Stores and Illums Bolighus in Denmark.

The subject of matter is the timeless classic KEVI chair. The best known version is the office chair with a swivel base, but in 2016 a four-legged version saw the light of day. NN07 has made a version of both chairs, in a very limited edition of only 7 pieces of each. Furthermore, every chair is individually numbered, and sports a corduroy upholstery on the seat where the chair is made of oak tree

“We wanted to pay homage to the original, so we decided to go with a subtle update
including a corduroy upholstering on the seat, and custom handmade engravings in the metal buttons on the back-piece. The engravings feature the NN07 logo and the number of each chair as they have been numbered individually” says Andreas Herring, Marketing Manager fra NN07.

“We love the warm tone of oak tree, and all our stores and showrooms are made with a great amount of oak. Therefore we naturally chose oak as the main element on the chairs, and we combined it with khaki colored corduroy that has been an important part of our collections since the very beginning. Also, the corduroy is a nod to the chairs of our childhood, so there is a nostalgic element to it as well.

– Andreas Herring, Marketing Manager fra NN07.