Case study


Schackenborg Castle, Denmark

Steffen Søndergaard & Mads Bjørn Hansen


Slotfelt is a special thatched-roof barn from the 1870s. 30 meter long, 13 meter wide, and 12 meter high, the unique roof structure gives the building a cathedral-like character, making it appear almost monumental in contrast to the flat marshland from which it emerges.

Slotfelt was refurnished in 2011 and included 250 CHAIRIK XL 121 chairs in black melamine.


Slotfeltlade will function as a home for cultural activities such as music, ballet, dance, exhibitions and meetings. The Architects Steffen Søndergaard and Mads Bjørn Hansen were responsible for the interior and exterior restorations.

With its new function as a cultural centre, Slotfelt is a fine example of historical preservation by taking a disused agricultural building and recycling it into a new purpose that respects the building’s cultural and architectural value.