KEVI chair

with Akira Minagava-upholstery

The stackable KEVI chairs, available in oak, walnut, black and white, are now dressed in beautiful coloured textiles designed by Japanese Akira Minagawa for Kvadrat.

The KEVI chair was designed in 1958 by Jørgen Rasmussen and after nearly 60 years on wheels, Jørgen Rasmussen and Engelbrechts decided it was time to give the chair new legs.  The series is now suited for the home office as well as the living room and with the new colours, it is as easy as ever to choose a style perfect for the home interior.

KEVI 2060 & KEVI 2070
The first sketches for KEVI with four legs has been on architect Jørgen Rasmussen’s desk for several years until recently when he decided to finalise the design. The four legged KEVI has been underway for some years, as it was important for the architect Jørgen Rasmussen to maintain the original design whilst creating something new, which lives up to high standards for functionality, design and durability.

“The KEVI chair has been on wheels for nearly 60 years, so we thought now was a good time to extend the family with two four legged versions – one with steel frame and, my personal favorite, KEVI with wooden legs”, said architect Jørgen Rasmussen.

“We are very excited about the new chair. KEVI is a classic, many know from their childhood, and with the new stackable version the series reach a new level. Customize the chair with a monochrome look od add upholstery to the seat and back for softer look”, said Morten Engelbrecht, Design Director at Engelbrechts