About Chairik

Designed with an eye for aesthetics, functionality and space optimization

The CHARIK series consists of 25 models 

Erik Magnussen designed the CHAIRIK series in 1996. At first, the series was one four-leg chair but as time went on, the series evolved and now consists of 25 different models

CHAIRIK is available in different sizes and various heights

We don’t believe in one-size, so CHAIRIK is available in three different sizes and various heights to suit the people, the situation and the location.

Choose the CHAIRIK chair you like the best

CHAIRIK is very versatile and available with different bases for different purposes. If you want armrests, simply choose the one you like the best.

CHAIRIK with on/off seat upholstery

For enhanced flexibility in looks and comfort, choose on/off seat upholstery. The seat is fastened with magnets and just as comfortable as the seat upholstery, but allows you the flexibility to click it on and off.

Stacks up to 45 chairs on each trolley

With extraordinary stacking performance, up to 45 chairs on each trolley, CHAIRIK is a real space saver. CHAIRIK is made for audiences that come and go and with the stacking performance, you can store up to 1000 CHAIRIK chairs in just 14 m2. No chairs on the market stacks better.


You can link your CHAIRIKs with separate linking devices or choose to have the linking device fitted permanently to the frame.