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The better you sit, the more you get done.

DESIGNED IN 1958 by architect Jørgen Rasmussen. It was originally designed for the company KEVI, but after the addition of the double-wheel caster, the chair quickly went on to become an international success. 

IN 1965, JØRGEN INVENTED THE DOUBLE-WHEEL CASTER. The KEVI casters are considered to be a reinvention of the wheel and were a true innovation and improvement to all existing furniture wheels. The double-wheel caster made KEVI more manoeuvrable with less wear on floor surfaces. The wheels became an instant success, and are now used on furniture across the world. 

AFTER NEARLY 60 YEARS ON WHEELS, it was time to renew the chair. The sketches for the chair had been in Jørgen Rasmussen’s archives for years and in 2016, it became reality. The four-legged KEVI was born. A stackable KEVI in two models, with chrome or wooden legs. KEVI with four legs is a re-make of the classic swivel chair from 1958, with the same seat and back as the KEVI 2533.

To complement the series, Jørgen Rasmussen designed the KEVI table, launched in 2017. Like the rest of the series, the table is characterised by its minimalist appearance, and reflect the elegant and minimalist design from the KEVI chair.