About Plasma

Now Plasma is relaunched in three new colors and monochrome frame.


The PLASMA stacking chair was designed in 2005 by designer Erik Magnussen and has now been relaunched in three new colors. Let the inside and outside blend together, the beautiful PLASMA chair is designed to hold whatever it is inside or outside.



Erik Magnussen’s thoughts behind Plasma

Erik Magnussen worked extensively in plastics. He was busy minimizing material consumption and giving a lightweight plastic chair great strength, flexibility, clarity and comfort. The chair should be for everyone and used as a dining room chair, canteen chair, conference chair or as outdoor furniture.

Magnussen divided the chair into elements so that the individual parts could have different properties. In a part of the chair, the statics are the deciding factor. In another part, the backrest, softness is important. Splitting the chair into parts gives top quality in the casting and it gives great flexibility. The consumer can decide whether or not to wear armrests. Comfort is achieved by the backrest not pressing on the spine.


In most other chairs, the parts are joined by a frame. Magnussen has completely avoided it. The seat is a kind of plastic blanket which is molded together with the supporting structure. All the plastic parts are assembled by the metal legs, which snap into place, thereby locking the entire structure together without the use of screws or tools. The steel legs are thus not aesthetic jars.