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A modular shelving system that defines spaces without becoming a focal point

About poise

Easy to arrange in different configurations, giving endless possibilities

ARCHITECTURE IN ITS SIMPLEST FORM. POISE is a new modular shelving system designed by Anders Hermansen. It delicately delineates its surroundings without taking up much space, physically or visually. Designed as a simple sculptural expression, it exudes great elegance yet doesn’t dominate the room. Its modular elements can be stacked or placed next to one another.


The system is based on T-shaped elements that are easy to arrange in different configurations, giving endless possibilities. POISE comes in either T-shaped or corner modules for the ultimate in versatility. You can compose any shelving arrangement you need, with or without corners, in L-shapes, T-shapes or X-shapes. No matter what dimensions or shape the room, this system can be configured to fit – and it functions not only as shelving but also as a room divider.


POISE is self-supporting so there’s no need to place it by a wall, and it looks effortlessly simple. Additional elements can be added to the system organically, without marring the delicate sculptural aesthetics or gaining any excess material.