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Werner Huthmacher



The conference and meeting have always been one of the cornerstones of building and maintaining a business. Without communication, it all falls to the floor. That is why the meeting room and conference room are so important.
The decor in such rooms is one of Engelbrecht’s specialties. With our large selection of conference chairs, all businesses, institutions and other organizations in need of such furniture can safely find some that fit their particular room.
When Adidas was supposed to have chairs for a room, they just contacted Engelbrechts because of our vast expertise in this particular field and because our committee has a chair that fits their space.
Since coming to the world, rubber shoes have been an incredibly popular form of shoes. And within the industry, Adidas has always been one of the leading companies that has helped set the rules that now prevail in the design of rubber shoes. Not only is Adidas tied to the classic running shoes they used to be, but now it also sets the standards for sneakers with both classics and new developments.
Adidas is a company willing to explore new ways to transform their core products into something different and unique.
However, these developments do not come naturally, of course. A great deal of communication across many departments within Adidas is required for these new products to be made, or different decisions can be made. Thus, a room is required that can meet the need for such communication, which must constantly take place between all stages of the company.
To complete their conference room – for what is a conference without seating? – chose the Adidas chair type CHAIRIK from Engelbrecht’s range.
CHAIRIK is a safe choice in almost every context. The design is classic, but without being caught in the past – it’s a perfect blend of modern design with a subtle yet stylish element of retro.
At Adidas, a classic black color was chosen for the chairs. This color was a perfect contrast to the otherwise very white surroundings. Adidas have the opportunity to choose from our very large range of colors and materials that can upholster the chairs and give them their own expression.
Besides the purely aesthetic considerations, there are of course also some more pragmatic thoughts that are made before buying such a set of chairs. You want a product that can withstand the wear and tear to which it will be exposed. And as a conference chair, you often meet many users. Therefore, the material made by CHAIRIK is also of great importance.
The inspiration for the material comes from canteen trays, often made from wooden boards that are glued together under high pressure. This creates a very flexible, but also quite hard and durable material.

Adidas has thus been given a set of conference chairs that complete all the tasks that a seating furniture needs – it is beautiful in itself, it is durable and can handle what it is exposed to, and it has allowed the company to hold meetings and conferences in framework characterized by modernity and functionality.