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CHAIRIK XL 127 (custom-made)



JOWAT is one of the leading companies in the production of industrial glues and adhesives. They are, for that reason, also involved in many different industries that are constantly evolving and changing, and therefore have a need to constantly keep up with the latest knowledge. JOWAT would therefore like to be updated, and have a conferences framework for the whole essence of their business – they got a golden opportunity to gather people and share the knowledge that is the heartbeat of their business.

With a turnover of 250 million euros, JOWAT can in no way compromise the quality of their meetings, conferences and other events that require a larger gathering of people – therefore the supplier of the furniture that should characterize the conference room should have a good reputation .

JOWAT did not leave the furnishing of their conference hall to Engelbrechts without careful consideration. With JOWAT’s in-depth knowledge of both the wood and furniture industry, high quality conference chairs should of course be used – ie they should be both durable, practical and comfortable, but they should also be in a design that is modern, appropriate and timeless. These are characteristics that our conference chair, CHAIRIK, has, and therefore CHAIRIK became the obvious choice when JOWAT should have chairs for their business.

As the chairs had to be designed for JOWAT’s conference room, all possibilities for customization and design were utilized. The chairs should not only be a practical seating furniture, but a piece of decoration or decor that should also lift the entire room. For this reason, a collection of chairs upholstered with both red and pink fabrics was selected. This gave the chairs a unique expression which greatly complimented JOWAT’s unique space.

The chairs also became part of JOWAT’s exterior décor, thus forming a red thread that was pervasive to the entire JOWAT interior.

Due to Engelbrecht’s very principled positions, the collaboration with JOWAT was the perfect match. JOWAT sought furniture of both material and aesthetically high quality, and Engelbrechts offered just that. The collaboration was therefore of high caliber, and both parties achieved the desired results, due to shared ambitions and a penchant for craftsmanship and good interior design.

CHAIRIK is designed to be the ideal chair for all kinds of conferences and rooms.

At Engelbrechts we understand that there are no two similar conferences or halls. For this reason, we also offer custom-made CHAIRIK conference chairs – allowing you to customize the chairs for larger projects, with up to several custom-made solutions.

One of these special solutions could be our interconnection system, which can either be part of the chair’s legs, or be an external and mountable bracket. The interconnection system makes it possible to put the chairs together so that they are perfectly straight and not jerked around. This means that the interior of the room is always razor sharp and ready to use.

JOWAT chose Engelbrecht because they could get a product here that supplied everything it needed and more – it was practical and durable seating furniture that was also comfortable and beautiful.