As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and tools for research and diagnoses of a large number of diseases, there is one thing that must always be at the forefront of Roche: Quality.

As Roche develops medicine, it is important to have a constant exchange of knowledge at the highest level – so as many employees as possible can be fully updated in relation to types of medicine, latest research and the management of the company. The conferences in this way provide the basis for Roche’s entire world of medicines: knowledge that is shared so that new products can be developed.

With a history dating back to 1890s Switzerland, and a leadership that dares to take chances in many different fields and – thus breaking the norms that have built up over the years – Roche is a company that not only knows what they want, but also a company that dares to challenge the conventions that usually prevail in the pharmaceutical industry: even when it comes to something as common as a conference room.
With their unique focus on very practical matters, slightly daring initiatives in both business, research and design – see, among other things, their new headquarters “Roche Tower,” whose unique appearance toweres over Basel in Switzerland – and a need for aesthetically sound and adaptable framework for conferences, Roche naturally chose Engelbrechts to handle the furnishing of their new conference room.

Engelbrecht’s conference chairs are great for Roche’s vision when it comes to interior design, as they offer many design and appearance customization options to fit their particular room and accessories, making it much easier to organize, handle and store the chairs. In Roche’s situation, our classic CHAIRIK chair was chosen, which is our flagship for a reason – CHAIRIK is both beautiful, durable and quite practical:

  • The chair’s ability to adjust its appearance allows it to fit safely into any room that is presented. At Roche, a classic black, upholstered version was chosen, as this greatly aligns with the entirety of the conference room, but many other colors are available.
  • In addition, the chair is made of extremely durable and durable materials: it was inspired in the past by a tray from a canteen where the hardness and shape of the material fascinated designer Erik Magnussen. He designed CHAIRIK with these characteristics.
  • Because of their versatile and intelligent design, CHAIRIK can be customized with a variety of accessories. Some examples could be our “ON / OFF seat upholstery,” which is upholstery that can be fitted and removed when appropriate, or our clutch bracket that allows the chairs to be assembled in completely straight rows.

At Roche, clutch fittings were chosen, which were integrated into the legs of the chair itself. This allowed the chairs to be arranged in perfect rows, thus creating a space that was both organized and beautifully arranged.

These many reasons allowed Roche to customize the chairs so that they were tailor-made for this particular conference room. This has created a space that is both professional in appearance, but also unique in its rigorous and highly organized expression.

Roche has made great use of the many customization options offered here at Engelbrechts – and it has really paid off. Their conference room is now exactly as they wanted it: practical, customizable and clean – but without being too classic.