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Scandic is one of the names that many people know when it comes to the hotel world. Therefore, there are also many expectations and thoughts that come with the name. There is a great deal of faith in the hotel and it is believed that everything is always of the highest quality. This reputation has also meant that many companies use Scandic’s premises for meetings and conferences. The meeting rooms are thus an essential part of Scandic’s spirit, and indispensable for the companies that use Scandic.
As the meeting rooms at Scandic Falkoner were to have furniture, it was therefore with great consideration that the decision was to be made. It had to be furniture that was durable so that they could withstand the many people who come and go over the years. The seating should be comfortable so as not to disturb people with discomfort when sitting for a meeting or conference. Last but not least, they should also be easy to move around, stack and line up. And of course it also helps if they are beautiful.
For these reasons, Engelbrecht’s conference chairs were chosen for the premises. These met all the criteria set by Scandic. Specifically, the CHAIRIK chair was chosen as it met these, as well as being extremely well equipped to fit the aesthetics of the meeting rooms.
CHAIRIK is a popular choice for many conference and meeting rooms, as this chair meets the requirements that are usually made – also in Scandic Falkoner’s case:

  • CHAIRIK is made as canteen trays – although this sounds strange, this particular method is used because of its enormous durability and durability. In addition, the chairs are also covered in a thin layer of melamine, which protects from scratches, flossing and more.
  • CHAIRIK is designed with comfort in mind. An uncomfortable seat can cause you to hear significantly less of what is being said than you really should. Therefore, CHAIRIK is made so that there is an arch where the backbone would rest on the chair, and there is a natural swing in the chair to fit the body’s natural sitting position. Thus, a good seating position is guaranteed.
  • With great ease the chairs can also be rearranged if another constellation of tables and chairs is needed. They can be stored in quite a small area and are quick to assemble. The practical element is thus also defining for CHAIRIK and its being.

The icing on the cake was for Scandic that the chairs are also made with a classic, stylish and timeless design. So they were sure that the chair fit into the room’s other appearance. They could also customize exactly how the chair appeared with the many choices of varnish and melamine that can be applied to the chair’s exterior in many colors.
Scandic Falkoner took advantage of Engelbrecht’s CHAIRIK to its fullest when they were designing their meeting room. The great versatility in the adaptation of the chair’s exterior made the chair not only selected on the basis of a practical basis but also on the basis of an aesthetic basis.
Scandig Falkoner’s meeting room is now something for itself, and can proudly be the meeting place for many companies, businessmen and other students and participants.