Campaign Engelbrechts x Shade

KEVI 2533 x Shade ØS1 lamp


We are pleased to introduce our newest co-branding campaign with our friends from Shade Lights: #workingfromhomeNow you can buy a KEVI chair and Shade ØS1 Table lamp set at a very unique price. Please see the three different offerings.


KEVI 2533 swivel chair with satin polished 5-star aluminium base with height adjustment. In coloured Soft Rose lazur shell in wood. Design by Jørgen Rasmussen. 

SH 40-53 X D 56 X W 56 cm


Shade table lamp – with the ØS1, you have a smart lamp that is completely dynamic. You can adjust the light intensity, temperature, direction, colour and thereby create personalized settings that are adapted to individual needs and in relation to how the natural light changes during the day.

The lamp is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto. In close collaboration Shade and Slaatto have achieved to combine Nordic design tradition with cutting edge technology, to push the boundaries of what we can gain with indoor lighting.

W 13 cm. X H 43 cm. 

Se more specifications on the ØS1 here

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 1,050  730 (incl VAT)

Estimated delivery time: 6 weeks