Terms & Conditions

Order confirmation
Orders shall not be binding on Engelbrechts until Engelbrechts has given a written order confirmation.

Delivery times
Our general delivery time is app. 6 weeks readiness for export. Some items are part of our quick ship program and can therefore be delivered faster in smaller quantities.

Engelbrechts has the right to change the delivery date. The customer cannot cancel the order due to changes in delivery date and Engelbrechts cannot be held responsible for any costs or losses that may occur from a delay in delivery. The delivery time is applied to all order confirmations.

Delivery terms
EU countries: DDP Incoterms 2010

Non-EU countries: DAP Incoterms 2010

Rest of the world: ex works conditions Incoterms 2010

All orders above EUR 1,350,- are delivered without a shipping fee in the EU unless otherwise agreed. Orders below EUR 1,350,- have an applied transport fee when delivery is in the EU. Ex. Work’s conditions may apply for certain countries.

New orders cannot be merged into existing orders.

Direct delivery
Direct delivery to the end client address will result in an additional cost of EUR 200,- Furthermore, we must be given relevant knowledge about access, contacts, etc. If a lift is required on the truck there will be a surcharge of EUR 100,- An additional cost is added if you would like delivery to be on a specific day, within a specific time interval.

Transportation complaints
Claims for shipping damage or missing number of packages must be reported immediately to the carrier. You must also take pictures of the transport damage. These images as well as the signed waybill must be sent to Engelbrechts within 7 days of delivery.

Engelbrechts informs that all measurements are with +/- 5 mm tolerance and seat height and depth may vary depending on fabric and material. Regarding leather, each hide is unique and may vary slightly in shine and texture. Complaints about defects in the product must be sent to Engelbrechts in writing along with photographic documentation within 7 days after delivery of the product. Items may be returned only after prior written agreement.

There is a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and structures). Wear and damage to covers, coatings, etc. and fabrics that have been in direct sunlight is not covered by this warranty. The warranty is not applicable for products made with customer’s own choice of leather, fabrics or other materials. In case of claims accepted by Engelbrechts the product will be repaired, replaced or returned with payment. The customer cannot cancel the purchase unless Engelbrechts has notified in writing that replacement is not possible. Engelbrechts cannot be held responsible for more than the value of the products.

Payment terms
Payment terms are available upon request or with order confirmation. Orders of a certain size as well as specialty items will be delivered against bank guarantee (net 30 days) or against prepayment. Engelbrechts has title to all products until they are paid. If no payment is made within the payment deadline an additional fee of 2% per month will be added as well as an additional EUR 15,- per reminder letter.

Force majeure
Engelbrechts cannot be held responsible for breach of contract due to force majeure. Engelbrechts cannot be held responsible for breach of contract caused by delays due to sub-contractors, transportation, problems with raw materials or other unexpected circumstances.

Choice of law
Disputes between Engelbrechts and its customer shall be settles by Engelbrechts home court and shall be subject to Danish law.

Reservations are made for any typographical errors. Engelbrechts reserves the right to alter specifications, materials, surfaces and prices without prior information.